Gold Miners Isn T Worth The Effort

  • the 10 most commonly googled questions about

    the 10 most commonly googled questions about bitcoin—answered. mining isn't easy though; miners need specific hardware designed to solve the cryptographic mining puzzle using dedicated

  • removing gold from electronics, page 3

    removing gold from electronics, page 3. we've been striving for 23 years to build the hey gold miners guess what if you just burn all the parts you have down to ash then wala i don't trust professional refiners, and anyway, the quantity of stuff i have isn't worth their time or effort; 3. there are providers of kits, supplies and

  • how exactly do you get rich from cryptocurrency?

    and if your investment isn't already precarious enough, remember the scene is constantly changing: in the near future ethereum is set to switch from its existing proof of work (pow) system for

  • should we be digging through landfills for cans and

    · so why don't we start digging through those colossal trash heaps in search of metal, glass, plastic, and cardboard? and aluminum wasn't worth the effort, since these materials "required

  • can bitcoin replace gold as the crisis investment?

    1 day ago· the world gold council, an industry group representing gold miners, issued a report this year arguing that "cryptocurrencies are no substitute for gold" and won't eliminate the need for the

  • gold market in 2018 vs 2017 « korelin economics report

    if a 3 4 bagger in 1 year or a 10 bagger in 2 years isn't worth your precious time as an investor, then maybe you shouldn't be managing your own money. i can't imagine sitting down with a financial adviser or most pro traders on wallstreet and telling them, sorry 300 400% gains in a year are too low for me.

  • ransom where? malicious cryptocurrency miners

    the dark side of the digital gold rush this post was authored by nick biasini, but today mining isn't an effective way to generate value. if you look across all of the cryptocurrencies, there are only a couple that are worth mining without specialized hardware called asics (application specific integrated circuits). there are only a

  • barrick said to be the undisclosed bidder for detour gold

    high net worth; young money; barrick gold corp. is the undisclosed gold miner who was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement alongside activist investor john paulson to discuss potentially

  • the 5 biggest myths about investing in gold and silver

    and when gold prices were falling during the 1990s, gold mining stocks fell even further. during favorable up cycles for mining equities,

  • unenumerated: bit gold markets

    · george: with physical gold, mining more gold may bring benefit to the miner but it decreases the purchasing power of gold already mined. i don't see why increasing the quantity of refined gold in the world should change transaction costs one way or the other.

  • mining gold requires 20x the energy of bitcoin mining

    8 days ago· according to longhash, every year, more than $87.3 billion is spent on mining gold. in contrast, less than $4.3 billion is used to mine bitcoin. marketcap; prices. isn't gold worth $7.8 trillion? currently, the cryptocurrency market is worth $200 billion, while the entire market cap of gold is estimated to be around $8 trillion.

  • the mountain west is experiencing a second gold

    the irony of a data processing operation bringing low skill "mining" jobs to an area of the country once defined by traditional metals extraction isn't lost on walsh. but in conversation, he takes care to frame his data center, and those like it, as an opportunity.

  • gold: the mineral native gold information and pictures

    nice specimens, therefore, are regarded very highly, and are worth much more than the standard gold value. only recently have more specimens been available to collectors, much of the gold mined is from large mining operations where the gold is smeltered for commercial use, and although many commercial gold mines exist, mineral

  • why isn't congo as rich as saudi arabia? massive tax

    · the democratic republic of the congo is rich in natural resources, yet the average citizen lives on only 72 cents a day. the foreign mining companies are get

  • what happened to 'dakota fred' hurt from gold rush?

    dakota fred was a popular gold miner from the tv show gold rush. the new show isn't just about gold mining; it's also about the struggle of man. what i don't

  • gold ends at 2 month low as u.s. dollar, treasury yields

    although the central bank isn't expected to alter its policy, market participants are anticipating that the central bank will underscore its intention to

  • ucsb science line

    how was it decided that elements like gold are worth so much money and that elements like aluminum are practically worthless? a person's time is of some value so if a lot of work goes into mining or harvesting different elements this adds to the value of these elements as well., whereas a derek jeter card from 2001 isn't worth much at

  • alaska gold mine project that would ruin american

    alaska gold mine project that would ruin american salmon business is a sham, analysts say actually "worth nothing because its key asset is not commercially viable." the mine are so

  • bering sea gold (tv series 2012– ) imdb

    watch video· follows three gold mining teams run by driven dredge captains whose very livelihoods depend on mining this wet and frozen gold. split second thinking, extreme focus, and team work are key see full summary »

  • scotland braces for influx of gold seekers after record

    gold is a rare commodity in scotland and there hasn't been any significant gold mining activity in about 400 years. looking for gold in scotland isn't easy. he said serious gold