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    stuffing is achieved through the use of steamed mills, and is the process that is responsible for the "pull up" of this leather. pull up is the temporary displacement of these oil and wax blends that cause a lightening of the leather.

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    leather cases manufacturing process one of the oldest material to be used by man, leather is made from animal hide usually through the process of tanning. there are basically three types of leather used to make mobile phone cases: aniline leather, semi aniline leather and pigmented leather:

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    home » the process a quality custom western belt starts with the highest quality leather available today. our leather is grade a tooling and carving leather from the hermann oak leather company in st. louis, missouri who has been tanning leather

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    this process creates a leather that "cracks" and bursts when pulled or scratched. sometimes these marks can be rubbed out, but they will always show up again with use. sometimes they will vacuum dry the leather which

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    dyeing process of leather dyeing leather substrate is an uphill task. as leather has myriad of structural differences, grooves, knurls,

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    leather is almost more deeply ingrained into the world of raw denim than denim itself. you can find it on the patch of your jeans, on the belt you use to hold them up, on the shoes on your feet, and even occasionally backing the rivets that hold your jeans together. with so many varied uses, it's

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    mahi leather home news all you need to know about bonded leather. all you need to know about bonded leather. what is bonded leather? although this varies depending on the exact process and materials used to produce it. bonded leather versus durablend

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    the process is now complete and the leather satchel, messenger bag or travel bag is ready to be shipped to us. newsletter subscribe to be the first to hear about our exclusive offers and latest arrivals!

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    the process of thinning leather by cutting away the flesh side, or shaving the edges, i.e., beveling the edges that are to be turned in. a paring machine is generally used for the thinning process (or a spokeshave if no paring machine is available), while a paring knife is used for shaving or beveling. ·animal skin/leather

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    synthetic leather is produced with different chemicals and a totally different industrial process to real leather. bonding together a plastic coating to a fabric backing is the most common way to make faux leather; the types of plastic used in these coatings vary and this is what defines whether or not it is eco friendly.

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    the process of pressing leather under a heated plate. often used in upholstery leather to mask imperfections. pull up: describes the behavior of leather that has been treated with oils, waxes, and dyes in such a way that when the leather is pulled or stretched (i.e. on upholstery), the finish becomes lighter in the stretched areas. considered a

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    · research has shown that the resultant chrome free leather shavings and leathers are biodegradable and are compared favorably to nitrogenous fertilizers good for leaf crops. these leathers endorsed by some top german automotive manufacturers are gentle on the environment on a "cradle to grave process", and this

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    i am a hobbyist woodworker and currently in the process of designing a desk for my office. i want to place 3 panels of leather in the top of the desk.

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    hot coating is applied to the ground out leather and a face is made, ink is the applied and polished. the bottom can be ornamented or decorated with various types of coatings. oil and dirt which attached themselves during the manufacturing process are washed off, and the shoe is polished with cream.

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    leather is a natural material and is used for making various items. you can bring about change in the color of the leather items by dyeing them. change the look of the leather items you own by transforming them with a new hue.

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    when leather is tanned and is in the process of drying, it must be worked or 'staked' to prevent it from drying stiff. the amount of staking, to some extent, determines the final softness. soaking the leather and letting it dry reverses the process).

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    russet leather russet leather terms the currying process also included dyeing quality leather to black using iron mordants and mild acids. oak tanned leather could be dyed a permanent deep, rich black; however, dyeing hemlock tanned leather created unique problems. due to the acidic nature of hemlock tanned leather, could not

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    well the experts at the handbag spa are here to help! vachetta is untreated italian leather generally used on luggage and luxury handbags such as coach and louis vuitton. when first purchased vachetta leather is a light beige colour, but it is designed to age (a process called patina), so it will go a dark brown shade over the years and

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    leather tanning is without a doubt one of the oldest human activities. in the beginning, skins obtained from hunting and livestock breeding could be used for clothing or tents, but they became stiff at low temperatures, while they rotted with heat. another process was smoking, which almost certainly started by accident, and which later

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    process. glossary of leather terms boardy an adjective applied to stiff, inflexible leather. this term is not to be confused with boarding, which is the process of softening leather. bonded leather reconstituted leather that is leather fibers bonded together with latex. brushed leather